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You're a superhero to your child! Here's some helpful books for parents, adults and older children managing diabetes.


Here's a short list of diabetes camps and camp organizations for your children, teens and families to attend.

Children's Books

An assortment of books helping educate baby-preschool age kids through teenagers about diabetes.

Eating Away From Home

Helping parents count carbohydrates and some restaurants that make it easier to eat out with our kids.

Insulin Pump Pack, Accessories, Apparel, and Medical Identification

In the following list you'll find great ways to carry an insulin pump, accessories, apparel and identifying yourself medically to others. You're children are unique so customizing their look and take a bit of the edge off of having diabetes.

Magazines & Newsletters

Helpful E-Newsletters & Magazines for parents and children with diabetes.

Medical & Wellness

Check out some of the products and services we use to help our kids feel better emotionally and physically.


The web is another great resource for help and information relating to diabetes ranging from quick tips to actually purchasing diabetic equipment online.

Tips for Parents

The ideas you'll see here are from moms and dads like you. If there's a tip you'd like to add just let us know by using the Submit A Resource button.

Diabetes Resources & Help

There's a wealth of information about type 1 diabetes out there, but it's not always easy to find. Diabetes Camps? Blogs and websites? Products to help you manage your children's diabetes? We’re just getting started, but here are a few resources we've found helpful as we learn each day how to help our children manage their diabetes. Have a favorite or helpful information parents could use? Please submit it to us and we'll add it!

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