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Media Kit

Our Policy

Our policy is simple: Do whatever works that enables us to offer support to parents, family members and friends who visit PDK. We’ve purposely taken a slow, deliberate approach as we’ve sought to establish our mission. Recently All For A Cure, LLC upgraded and enhanced www.parentingdiabetickids.com to enable us to offer more to our viewers.

Advertising Content Guidelines

We’re interested in supporting parents and families of children with type 1 diabetes. We accept advertisements for products and services we deem to be of interest and benefit to our members and visitors. Snake oil purveyors and those interested in influencing the site’s editorial content need not apply.


Sponsorship will be considered for specific areas or sections of the web site. Sponsorship opportunities may also become available when new sections or programs are added to the web site. These opportunities are long-term commitments to support specific areas or sections of the web site. Sponsorship will be indicated with your banner ad at the top of the sponsored pages. Sponsorship contracts run a minimum of six months. The sponsor may place one page of content describing the sponsor within the website and it may be linked to its sponsorship banner. The minimum price for sponsorship is US$2,000.00 per month per section. Please use the form below to discuss this opportunity with us.

Advertising Specifications

Animated ads can be formatted as either .GIF and Flash files.

Stay inbounds.  Ad animation must be confined to the allotted ad space. Ads that expand beyond the frame or otherwise encroach on the web site are not allowed.

Banner Ad

Banner ads can appear in the right-hand column of the homepage:

Dimensions: 468 x 60
File Size:
Max 60k
Max 30 sec

Medium Rectangle Ad:

Medium Rectangle ads can appear in the left hand column of the homepage and in the right-hand column of these pages: Blog Overview, Blog Posts, Forum, Search Results, Our Menu, each Menu item, Ask the Team (answers and bio pages), Family of the week, Resources Overview and Category pages, News, SLAM, About

Dimensions: 300 x 250
File Size:
Max 60k
Max 30 sec

Advertisement Opportunities

Here’s a list of ad opportunities at www.parentingdiabetickids.com:

Home Page

Feature advertising space is offered on the top right-hand column and is priced at US$3,000.00 per month. Only one advertisement per product category will be permitted on the Home Page.

Premium advertising space is offered mid-page left and is priced at US$2,000.00 per month. Only one advertiser per product category will be permitted on the Home Page.

Exclusive Placement

Your ad will appear on a single targeted page, combination or set of pages. Ads may be booked for up to three ads in a section plus one ad in the general ad circulation of the site. Exclusive placement ads require a three-month minimum commitment at US$1,000.00 per month.

Monthly Newsletter: PDK News & Notes

There's also advertising available on our monthly newsletter subscribers for $500.00 per month, three-month minimum required.

Sections available for exclusive placement include:

General Placement

Your ad will rotate throughout the site on pages that do not contain sponsorships or exclusive ads. Rates for general placement ads are on a flat rate per month as follows: 

  • Blog: Top right, US$500.00; Center, US$400.00.
  • Forum: Top right, US$500.00.
  • Ask Our Team: Top right, US$500.00; Center, US$400.00.
  • Our Kids Menu: Top right, US$500.00; Center, US$400.00
  • Family of the Week: Top right, US$500.00; Center, US$400.00.
  • Resources: Top right, US$500.00; Center, US$400.00.
  • News: Top right, US$500.00; Center, US$400.00.
  • Search Results: Top right, US$400.00; Center, US$300.00.

Ad delivery:

Delivery of Ads

All ads are delivered using Google AdManager advertising engine which does not record any user-specific information about which ads are delivered to whom. Ads are also delivered without browser cookies. We do this to protect the privacy and anonymity of our viewers, in keeping with our privacy policy.


Our pricing is net. We don’t offer any discounts or deductions for ad agencies or third-party representatives. We may change pricing without notice. Payment must be made in advance of ad delivery. We accept checks (made payable to All For A Cure, LLC). Please contact  us to discuss payment schedules and transactions.


Art and link information must be provided at the time of placement. Please note info above re: artwork specs.


Reporting on number of impressions and number of click-thrus is available. Details about accessing advertising reports will be provided before the first ad is displayed. PLease contact us to learn more.


Here’s the deal…we don’t accept ads for products or services we don’t think offer our viewers will benefit from or value, or if that product or service isn’t sufficiently supported, scientifically or otherwise. We don’t accept advertising for any product sold exclusively through multi-level marketing programs or from sales affiliates.

Please Contact Us to Learn More: