Where do you live?
Chelmsford, Ontario, Canada
Who or what makes your family laugh?

The kids, they always say the darnedest thing and are so honest, too honest sometimes so that's always funny! 

What is your favorite sports team? or activity?

Sliding and fishing!

What helps you get through the day

We have all we need and are healthier now, life!

What is your favorite meal or snack? Why?

Popcorn!!! Everyone loves popcorn and it's Julien my T1D boys favorite!

What resources have been useful since diagnosis? Please share a tip you think would be helpful for other parents.

We have a great diabetes centre here and I love seeing questions and comments on FB from my T1D connections.

What was the date your child was diagnosed?

June 10, 2010

What question would you ask everyone who lives with Type 1 diabetes?

So many questions! What's the hardest thing to deal with and how do you handle it?

Has your child attended a diabetes camp? If so, which camp? If they enjoyed it, please tell us more about their experience.

He will attend this year for the very first time!

What is your favorite type of family vacation? Do you have any tips managing diabetes on vacation

We had our very first trip out of country to Disney, it was amazing! Check BG frequently and pack snacks.

What do you think???

We need a cure!