Hi there, my name is Fabiana Couto, I am 33 years old and have been living with type 1 diabetes for 20 years so far. I am originally from Brazil and have been living in San Francisco, CA, for the past three years.

Throughout my journey and the struggles of living with type 1 diabetes, I went through many challenges, such as constant family conflicts and also issues around depression and bulimia, which I believe were consequences of not well managed diabetes and the constant feeling of being a failure. However, diabetes was a very bumpy road not only for me but also for my loved ones, mainly my mom, who felt very helpless and isolated since she could not help me help myself as the conflicts were setting us apart, and on top of it, she had no other families around her who could relate to her circumstances.

Nowadays I see her and acknowledge the difficulty she went through and that is why I specialized, through a M.A in Psychology and a coaching certification, on working as a coach for moms of youth living with diabetes. I chose to do that because I see their difficulties in balancing out diabetes and other areas of life, as well as, trying to help their kid help themselves and empower them to take control over their condition.

My main work as a coach is to open up new possibilities for moms and help them create new and more effective ways of dealing with their child's diabetes, as well as create more connection to them and help them embrace their condition by being more autonomous and responsible for their diabetes.

This mother's day I am doing a campaign that will gift a mom with a coaching program with 5 FREE sessions. During those sessions I will teach new tools and skills to help them and their child thrive in the face of diabetes. The sessions will be held either in person, Skype or by phone, depending on where you are and what is your preference.

Come and join us in this campaign, it is very easy to participate!

Just answer this question: "What does it take to raise a child with type 1 diabetes?" and send your answer (maximum 1.000 characters) by May 13th at [email protected] with your name, preferred email and child/teen’s name, current age and age of diagnosis; and we will get back to you by May 16th with the winner’s name and answer.

We will be publishing all responses at www.raisingachildwithdiabetes.com, so you will be able to also enjoy other mother’s stories.

If you want to be identified, please let us know and if possible, send us a picture of you and your kid – we would love to see your faces – otherwise, we totally respect your will and will leave your testimonial as anonymous on our page.

So, go ahead and share your story: "What does it take to be a mom of a child/teen with type 1 diabetes?"

We know it takes a lot of courage, persistence and faith, and we also know how diabetes can get overwhelming and leave you feeling helpless at times. That is why we want to hear your voice and honor your journey! Share with us the challenges, fears, and yes, joys, of being a mom of a child or teen living with type 1 diabetes.

For more detailed information, please go to: http://raisingachildwithdiabetes.com/2014/05/07/mothers-day-promo/

Thanks and very Happy Mother's Day to you all who make a life of a person with diabetes much better!!

Fabiana Couto, M.A. in Psychology, Certified Professional Coach and person living with T1 diabetes for 20+years