1. "Daddy (Mommy), I feel low."

2. "So, when do they grow out of it?"

3. "As long as they don't have any sugar everything's fine, right?"

4. "Well, at least it's manageable."

5. "Daddy (Mommy), my pump's beeping!"

6. "Ouch! Ouch!"

7. "When's the last time you and (enter spouse's name here) went out for dinner/went away/slept through the night?"

8. "Daddy (Mommy), I hate diabetes."

9. "A cure? Not likely. Your best bet is an external pancreas, an intelligent pump." This told to me by a know-everything physician who strikes me as the type who six hundred years ago would've said with similar pomposity, "The world is flat...why would you ask such a ridicluous question?"

10. "Dad, (insert child's name here) is acting weird!"

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