I am so frosted right now. Being a parent is hard enough without the stupid, rude and annoying questions we as parents get about our children who have type 1 diabetes. Maybe people get type 1 and type 2 diabetes mixed up and that is where the ignorance comes from. If a stranger mixes them up that is one thing but it is entirely another when someone close to us says something insensitive.

Do any of these people realize what goes into a 12 hour block of time as a parent of a child who has diabetes? That is just when they are awake. Don't get me started on the next 12 hours.

I think people often don't think about what they are saying or how they are saying it.

"No, that isn't an outdated pager. That is an insulin pump my daughter is wearing". Beam me up Scottie!

I love the question "Will she grow out of it?" Last I checked insulin isn't a cure but a treatment.

Why does everyone think our children can't eat sugar? It's all about the carbohydrates. Is anyone listening? Foods without sugar can have just as many carbs.

Do people think our kids are invisible? Why do they bring up others who have diabetes and their complications right in front of our kids as if they can't process the information? Hello, our children aren't misfits or outcasts. They are some of the brave's people on earth.

If you can't even take the time to learn how to give my child an insulin injection then don't assume I want your advice about how to raise a child who has diabetes. I don't need your advice but I do need some encouragement, understanding and support.