Can you imagine adding a pump to this image?  She'd need to grow a few extra arms to hold her child's diabetes supplies!


Hearing the words, I’m tired, bouncing around in my brain, echoing, ponder the meaning. Tired of having to stay one step ahead of diabetes perhaps? JoJo and Nick are both eleven. Consequently, I don’t need to keep total tabs on their diabetes. Now I use my voice to remind them to test their blood sugar or question them at the end of a day when they haven’t check in.

Summer is here. The kids have lots of plans. Both are attending week long diabetes camps, golf and swimming lessons. They’re growing more independent, able to be away from home for longer periods of time. But at night, the kids are most vulnerable, at least in my mind. Partly because Jeff or I will perform a routine night time check, if they’re below 70 and haven’t woken up, it's scary.

Lately my son Nick has been dishonest about his blood sugars, occasionally steeling food which reflected in his last A1C. So much time and energy is poured into our kid’s diabetes. They feel it. Everyone just wanted a vacation. But Jeff and I are the only ones that get that brake from time to time. The kids never do, ever. I feel for them deeply. No matter what I feel the goal for them is always the same: continue living, loving and laughing…supporting, and ultimately raising children that own this chronic condition.