Seriously...I've had no time to write a new blog about Easter.  So, hopefully you won't mind a re-post.  Last week I went to the Lush store and got a few of their Easter bath products for this year's Easter baskets.  I love how each year is different.  Hope you have a wonderful day!

 It isn't quite Easter yet but I'm already thinking about gift ideas for the kid's baskets. Looking for alternatives to chocolate eggs and bunny rabbits?

The kids loved their baskets filled with  Lush bath products last year so I'll be shopping their again this year.

Wrote about last years Lush Easter run when I discoverered the store, Easter Basket Surprises: A Fun Alternative to Candy.

And the year before that I wrote about Easter Basket Ideas.

They sell fresh handmade cosmetics and most are gluten free. Each year for Easter they have new innovations and some returning products.  After popping into the store this week I found out they'd be launching their Spring Collection this Friday April 1, so here's a sneak peek (including prices and item number for easy ordering)

Here's their Easter Spring Collection 2011:


Hippy Chick

Zesty grapefruit bath bomb

03412 $4.95









Donkey Oaty--The Easter Donkey

It's a Pinata contains multicolored rice paper that explodes in your bath!

03414 $5.95









Fluffy Egg

An egg shaped fluff bomb

02887 $6.95












Bunny Knot-Wrap

An adorable bunny scarf to wrap up an Easter treat

025679 $3.95











Happy Easter

Contains three different bombs: Avobath, Fluffy Egg and Hippy Chick plus the mini Knot-Wrap that can be used again and again.

03430 $24.95










 Here's some of my ideas but would love some of yours!