At the end of the school year, it seems like the kids' schedules are out of control. Two of our three children had big performances last weekend: Naomi's on Saturday and JoJo's on Sunday. It occurred to me how differently our energy and time was used before, during and after each event.

It went something like this for Naomi, who was performing in a classical and jazz musical.

Before the 3 o'clock arrival Naomi needed to make sure she had all performance clothing pieces, hair presentable, and water in case her throat got dry. Another parent even offered her a ride so we didn't have to wait around for the 1 ½ hours before the actual performance. My camera was the most important item I couldn't forget. We arrived for the 4:30 performance and didn't get up once except for intermission.

The following day with Johanna went something like this:

Breakfast blood glucose was 143 mg/dl. I sighed relief as we got the day underway. Johanna was do for an infusion set and insulin cartridge change. Do I change the inset before we leave?

9:30 a.m. Warm up with team. Johanna did well; everything was fine. Did I remember extra insulin pump supplies and lancets just in case things changed? 10:45 a.m. I observed Johanna looking off into the distance, looking emotional. Jeff grabbed her glucose meter and tested her: her BG was 250. He temporarily re-attached her insulin pump and gave her a correction bolus.

11 a.m. The meet began. Do I have enough snacks for the unexpected low BG's? Her first event was the Vault. Did I bring my camera?

After the Uneven Bars at 11:39, I tested her BG and it was 99. I gave her a squeeze pack of Justin's Nut Butter worth 8 carbohydrates and didn't bolus. We carry a few packs in her emergency kit. For more info visit

At noon she performed her Floor Routine. It was strong and I settled in just to enjoy. Not for long as Johanna ran up to me immediately afterward and whispered, "I feel low mommy". Her BG was 81. I gave her two glucose tablets.

She finished with a strong performance on the Balance Beam.

With award ribbons in hand, a Ben and Jerry's ice cream cup, and a beaming smile, she climbed into the car and tested herself one last time before we headed home. Her insulin pump was unhooked for 3 ½ hours but her BG was 169. I was so happy Johanna's first gymnastic meet was a success, but I was mentally tired from all the preparation and monitoring we did throughout the morning. I looked forward to a nap later that day.