Jeff and I are headed to Cancun!


It's been eight years since our daughter Johanna (JoJo) was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (t1d) at the tender age of four; six years since we adopted our son Nick. They're now twelve years old. We've been away before for an overnight without the kids, but it's been within a few hours so we could rush home in case of an emergency.

This year, the pieces all fell into place for a week away because several people came together to do something wonderful.

Jeff's brother and his friend (who has t1d) plus my mom and her husband Howard offered to come to our house and watch our kids for a week: Shuffling them to all their activities, doing nighttime blood sugar checks, carb counting, cooking and as you know the list keeps going.

                                                         Really?! Oh My Gosh pinch me!

Our week away was just what we needed to smooth out the wrinkles on our brows and bring color back to our faces. We slept late without interruption. Ate whatever, whenever we wanted. Talked, laughed, and reconnected.

We're boarding the airplane home; heading back with lots of pictures and memories to share thanks to my mom, Howard, Kurt and Tim. You guys are the best, we love you!