This is a repost from 2008.  This week our Johanna (JoJo) just started eighth grade.  She does an amazing job managing her diabetes with some help from Jeff and I.  Whatever grade your child with T1D is starting I hope it's a very successful year!

First days of school...I remember sending my then kindergartner off on the first day of school, only to get numerous calls from the school nurse about her blood glucose numbers, which were through the roof. It was hard enough watching the school bus doors close behind her after giving the school bus driver a three-minute crash course in type 1 diabetes, and what symptoms to watch for, and what to do if Johanna has a low (we had prepped the bus company and school prior, but I felt compelled to do it again with the driver). As the bus pulled away I just hung my head and cried. I think some people have great emotions when a child starts school, but for me I had the added feeling of someone else managing my child's diabetes and that was hard. Maybe part of my feelings had to do with the fact she wasn't with me 24-7. It took about a week for her numbers to steady.

The years to follow weren't as hard as the first day of kindergarten. The excitement of the first day of 2nd grade caused her to have twolows before midmorning snack. Once again I was on the phone with the school nurse numerous times that first day. It is funny how there is no black and white to diabetes, just lots of gray. Each child is different, how they react to different situations, and how their glucose levels reflect those reactions. We as parents just continue helping them in the best way we know how and encouraging them to flourish in spite of type 1 diabetes.