As we waited in anticipation at the endocrinologist office for the first A1C results after Johanna (JoJo) starting on the CGM I remembered another family mentioning how their daughters A1C had dropped after starting on the CGM.

"6.3...what?! Did you say 6.3?" "Yes," said the endocrinologist . A huge smile spread across my face. Her A1C was down from her typical 7.5. Additionally the endocrinologist went on to say how pleased she was the number wasn't due to a lot of lows.

Since starting on the Dexcom 4 not only has her A1C dropped but she's able to manage her Type 1 diabetes (T1D) better at school. JoJo is now 14 and her body and hormones are changing causing extreme fluctuations in her blood sugars. While at school she can peek at her CGM anytime heading off highs and lows. She isn't leaving class due to lows and is able to concentrate better on the teacher with confidence knowing what her BG is at the time.

The devise provides a glucose reading every five minutes and is accurate most of the time. Johanna attaches the CGM sensor much like she does her Omnipod, but she only changes it once a week.

The only draw back for Johanna is she chooses to wear her CGM sensor on her belly. Prior to getting the CGM that is wear she wore her OmniPod. Now she won't wear both on her belly which eliminates her secondary sight option. That's a challenge for another day.

 Johanna's CGM is another tool to help her own and manage her T1D. We are proud of her for taking this next step and look forward to more positive outcomes.