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Gary Scheiner says

That is an OUTSTANDING question. Having lived with type-1 diabetes for nearly 25 years and worked with thousands of children and adults with type-1, my answer would have to be "no" and "yes". No, I don't think you have to limit the types or quantities of food, as long as you know how to count carb effectively (using insulin-to-carb ratios), time the insulin properly based on the nature of the food (glycemic index), and make appropriate basal insulin adjustments for fat content.

However, "grazing", as many kids (and adults!) have a tendency to do, never seems to work when it comes to controlling blood sugar levels. We all know that blood sugars come up temporarily after we eat. It is necessary to give insulin a chance to bring the blood sugar back down before eating again, or else we run into a situation where the blood sugar stays at a chronically high level.

In other words, eat what you choose, but space out the meals and snacks.

Deana Herrera Walker says

This is a great question and one that I am sure all parents of children with diabetes think of. Here is what I have always told myself and continue to tell my daughter. "A person with diabetes eats what every healthy American should be eating". Moderation is key! Fortunately and unfortunately, I have had the opportunity to meet many children and families diagnosed with diabetes. Many times, I know the parents have the best intentions, and they forbid their children with diabetes from eating certain things such as candy or other "sweets".

As we all know, human nature is a very powerful force. Once you tell any individual not to do something, they only want to do it more. The is one family who did not allow their daughter with diabetes to eat any candy. One day, they found empty candy wrappers all over the back of her closet and under her bed. The truth is...when there is a will, there is a way! The key here is to understand that there can be a time and place to have "treats" as long as you are eating them with a "healthy" mind! Best of luck!

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