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Zucchini Bread

On Mondays I pick up our share of herbs and vegetables from a local cooperative farm (CSA) to which we belong. Today’s share included a thick foot- long zucchini. As I was driving home I thought I would make wonderful recipe and share it with you. When I make this moist bread the kids enjoy it for breakfast and snack time. It’s really yummy! More»

Does anybody really "get it"?

Does anybody else really "get it?" As much as they’d like to, most people just don't "get" what it’s like to parent children with... More»

PDK Family
The Boissonneault-Chevrette Family

So many questions! What's the hardest thing to deal with and how do you handle it? More»

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CGM: Our Kids Next Step

As we waited in anticipation at the endocrinologist office for the first A1C results after JoJo starting on the CGM I remembered another family mentioning how their daughter"s A1C had dropped after starting on the CGM. More»

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“How do I handle a 12 yr old not testing & bolusing? She almost went DKA last week and just doesn't seem to care. Her latest thing is lying about her number. Saying it isn't as high as it is so I won't get mad.”

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Here's a tip sent in by Erica from Ashville, NC


I'm not big into video games, but I love the xbox "kinect." My kids will play "Kinect Sports" for 2 hours easy ( soccer, volleyball, bowling, & even track & field ). The next day they are always sore in places they didn't know existed! It's a great workout for them !

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