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Creamy Chicken and Rice Casserole

When I have leftover chicken I make this delicious casserole. I usually have the prepackaged items on hand so I can make this when I am short... More»

Does anybody really "get it"?

Does anybody else really "get it?" As much as they’d like to, most people just don't "get" what it’s like to parent children with... More»

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The Boissonneault-Chevrette Family

So many questions! What's the hardest thing to deal with and how do you handle it? More»

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Foster parent wanted for child with diabetes

I am reaching out through this blog because K is an 11 year old girl here in Vermont with type 1 diabetes. K is a amazing young lady that we are looking for one special family who will be willing to be a forever home for her. More»

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“My son is almost 4 year old and was diagnosed with T1D in October. He's wearing a Medtronic pump and Enlite sensor. I've noticed the past few nights that his sensor readings go from about 100 to somewhere around 150-180 between about 23:00 and 01:00, and then go back down...”

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Sent in by Terry:

Ever wonder if that diet Coke you ordered is really a regular Coke? You can test the sugar with a test strip and your meter. If it is diet the meter will say Low. If it is a blend of both it will have a reading below 100. Even a squeeze of lemon will make it read 30 or so. A regular Coke will be at least 300 and maybe read High. My family does this whenever we have doubts if we got a diet drink. The mixup happens a lot.

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