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Sausage and Spinach Soup

Yield: 4 servings Prep: 10 minutes Cook: 15 minutes This is great in the cool winter months but also in the spring when the weather isn't consistently... More»

Does anybody really "get it"?

Does anybody else really "get it?" As much as they’d like to, most people just don't "get" what it’s like to parent children with... More»

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The Boissonneault-Chevrette Family

So many questions! What's the hardest thing to deal with and how do you handle it? More»

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CGM: Our Kids Next Step

As we waited in anticipation at the endocrinologist office for the first A1C results after JoJo starting on the CGM I remembered another family mentioning how their daughter"s A1C had dropped after starting on the CGM. More»

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“What's the deal with Diabetes and feet, my 5 year old was diagnosed 3 months ago, the Dr's didn't mention anything about shoes or feet, but on internet sites about diabetes it seems to be an issue, she hates wearing shoes, does she really need to wear them all the...”

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A great tip from the book  Your Diabetes Science Experiment:

Do you recall those "emergency glucagon kit" diabetics are suppose to keep near by for severe low blood sugars?  People often think that the sugar to increase your blood sugar is in that glucagon kit syringe, but in fact, glucagon is a hormone produced in your body that then tells your liver to release the glycogen it's storing.  When someone gives you that glucagon injection, the liver releases a lot of glycogen, and your body converts all of that glycogen into glucose to get your blood sugar back to a safe level

Check to see if yours has expired!

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