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Potato, Chicken, Fresh Pea Salad

I can whip this up on one of my really busy days with limited time to cook. I purchase the rotisserie chicken that day so it's warm when I make dinner. This would also make an awesome lunch served chilled or at room temperature More»

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The Boissonneault-Chevrette Family

So many questions! What's the hardest thing to deal with and how do you handle it? More»

Does anybody really "get it?"

Does anybody else really "get it?" As much as they’d like to, most people just don't "get" what it’s like to parent children with diabetes.... More»

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SLAMDiabetes and Connecticut Sun Team Up For An Afternoon Of Great Basketball

The Connecticut Sun is excited to partner with SLAMT1D for their 2014 Season! More»

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“Our son was diagnosed with Type 1 a month ago but isn't on any insulin and his blood sugars are normal. If he is in the honeymoon phase can he eat whatever he wants or do we still need to be careful with candy and juice/soda? ”

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Often birthday parties are centered around food.  For parents of children  with type 1 diabetes this can pose significant planning issues.  The question we ask ourselves, when's  the best time to celebrate and have food?
In the past we've had JoJo and Nick's  birthday party after school, right around afternoon snack time and before dinner.  The party guests came home with the kids on the school bus. Once they arrive we served cake or cupcakes and  the rest of the time was spent celebrating their birthday.  Everyone was picked up before dinner. 

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