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Homemade Pizza

We all love our Friday family pizza and movie evening. It's great because I cook something really easy and the kids can help. We look forward to gathering together after a long week and just hanging out. More»

Does anybody really "get it"?

Does anybody else really "get it?" As much as they’d like to, most people just don't "get" what it’s like to parent children with... More»

PDK Family
The Boissonneault-Chevrette Family

So many questions! What's the hardest thing to deal with and how do you handle it? More»

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Foster parent wanted for child with diabetes

I am reaching out through this blog because K is an 11 year old girl here in Vermont with type 1 diabetes. K is a amazing young lady that we are looking for one special family who will be willing to be a forever home for her. More»

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“My 15 year old daughter has become severely insulin resistant over the past two weeks. This happened once before about two years ago. Though she's a type 1, the doctor prescribed Metformin to help remedy the resistance. It worked wonderfully until this last bout.”

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Here's a tip sent in by Erica from Ashville, NC


I'm not big into video games, but I love the xbox "kinect." My kids will play "Kinect Sports" for 2 hours easy ( soccer, volleyball, bowling, & even track & field ). The next day they are always sore in places they didn't know existed! It's a great workout for them !

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